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    1. Wellcome to senhai!

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      Contact person: Stephen
      MOBILE:+86-156 2176 8988
      FAX: 0536 - 8326286
      ADD:Weifang Economic Development Zone, Weifang, Shandong, China
      ZuozuoMu 2FSS-80 Deep loose ditch fertilizers
      List: Time:2017-11-19

      Product Introductin:
           This machine collect many advantages and characteristics of many kinds of deep scarifying ditching and fertilizer distributors , with high depth of trench, good working quality, high efficiency ;especially suit to deep fertilizing for granular and organic fertilizer in vineyard; also suit to deep fertilizing in the economic nursery garden and afforest nursery garden.
      Requirements of Equipped Tractor:
      1. Must have the creeper shift;
      2. Must have the dual stage clutch;
      3. Except the lift hydraulic, must have another independent control hydraulic circuit;
      4. PTO Speed: 540(1000) r/min.

      Technical Parameters   

      Item Unit Parameters
      Model no. / 2FSS-80
      Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 1670×1450×1450
      Structure weight kg 450
      Equipped power kW 22.0-55.8
      Width of trench cm 16
      Type of ditching blades / Disc blades
      Fertilizer Apparatus type / Outside groove wheel(for granular fertilizer)
      Fertilizing depth cm Graps:40-60 、Chinese yam:80-120
      Row distance for fertilizing cm Graps:80 、Chinese yam:40、110
      Rate of fertilzer application kg/hm2 ≥1000
      Rows row 1-2
      Working performance hm2/h 0.2-0.4